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All the best Black Friday Amazon US deals, updated live


Earlier this year I chopped off all of my hair (14 inches, if you’re curious) which was fun, but I learned that hair styling is pretty important when you’ve not got the excuse of there just being too much of it to do anything with.

So, this Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer caught my eye just now in the Amazon Black Friday sales – down to just $34.88 from $59.99.

It’s typically a top-seller in Black Friday sales, whether as a gift for Christmas or for low-maintenance people like me who don’t think before they get rid of their hair. 

Cyber Monday deals: Revlon hair dryer

(Image credit: Revlon)


So, I’ve been hunting down a weighted blanket for a while – who’d have thunk they could get so pricey?

Luckily, we spotted a deal at Amazon today that could help chase away the insomnia – the YnM weighted blanket for just $49.80 (down from $79.90). That’s a 53% discount on a very popular blanket, if Amazon reviews are anything to go by.

The blanket should weigh roughly 8-12% of your body weight – so it could maybe also serve as a nice way to keep your arms active, too. If you actually make your bed well every day. I don’t. 

YnM Weighted Blanket

(Image credit: YnM)


Good morning, everyone! It’s Josie here, ready to fill you in on the latest and greatest from Amazon’s Black Friday week deals. 

This one’s less exciting than a pair of fancy new wireless earbuds, but everyone needs a good vacuum, right? Relatively lightweight and super easy to use, the Shark WandVac can be deployed as either a stick vacuum or handheld cleaner (exciting, we know) and is straightforward to empty – making it a great option for mid-sized homes.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a compact vacuum that you can grab quickly to clean up the odd spillage straight away, the Shark WandVac is the best stick vacuum for the job. It’s dropped in price dramatically over recent months, too, and this Amazon deal for 17% off is almost the cheapest we’ve ever seen it.

Shark WandVac


Oh man, I am tired. These deals posts are everywhere at the moment.

Time for Beavis’ random deal generator – how about this that caught my eye scrolling past? The Drop Stop is down to just $17.49, providing a filler beween seat and the edge of your car – whether that’s the central console or the door.

It’s only $7 off, and it also means you have to be the sort of person that has this in their life (or have one of those cars where that section is literally impossible to retrieve anything from).

Actually, now I’ve talked myself into it.

An image of how the drop stop works

(Image credit: Drop Stop)

Good morning, everyone! Josie here, taking over for Gareth for a bit – how’s everyone’s Monday? 

To kick off, what is better than a regular old pot? An Instant Pot, obviously. I know, we just mentioned the Instant Pot but I wanted to 

We here at TechRadar love Instant Pots as they’re extremely versatile kitchen appliances offering a multitude of cooking methods. The Instant Pot Duo Plus, which has nine different culinary styles including sous vide, is now down to its lowest price ever of $79.95

So as well as whipping up curries, stews and even yoghurt, you’ll also be able to cook steak to perfection in this multi-cooker, by immersing it in water in the Instant Pot, which is then heated to the same temperature you want the meat to be. You’ll be able to impress friends and family with succulent meat that doesn’t require much concentration.  

Which is great for me – I have the attention span of a fly.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus 9 in 1 electric pressue cooker on a white background

(Image credit: Instant)


While we’re on the Apple train, why not look at pairing this with some top-end headphones… if you’re really thinking about spending a lot of money with the fruity-monikered brand, then the Apple AirPods Max are down to just $439.99 in the most recent sale, pulling off $40 from the most recent price.

Fair warning – we have seen these on sale for as cheap as $429 already in the early Black Friday sales, but who knows whether that will reappear this year. If you want these newly-released headphones and don’t mind the price, it’s a strong choice.

Apple AirPods Max deal

(Image credit: Apple)


Why aren’t you using an iPad? Well, you’ve probably got your reasons. But if you are thinking of jumping, or upgrading, I can’t help but recommend the iPad Pro 12.9, as that huge screen is just a wonderful thing to grab out of a bag.

Look, I know that $1,100 for a tablet is a lot of money, especially for just 128GB of storage. And if you don’t need all the extra power, the impressive screen technology or the compatibility with the Magic Keyboard (which really does bring it closer to rivalling a Macbook) then skip this deal.

But if you feel that you could get the benefit from something our review called “The biggest upgrade to the iPad Pro since its inception”, then this deal that takes the cost of the tablet down to just $999 is a worthwhile investment. 

cheap iPad deals sales

(Image credit: Future)


Here’s another one that might tickle you: how about the Apple Watch SE for a record-low price? I’m torn on whether to recommend this watch – on the one hand, it’s not got the always-on display that means you don’t have to worry about raising your wrist in an exaggerated fashion just to see the time.

But on the other hand, it’s got excellent fitness tracking, a sleek design, a good variety of supported apps and arguably the best user interface for any smartwatch.

It’s also down to just $219 for the smaller GPS version – that’s a record-low for the Watch SE, and given it uses a larger, more visible screen than the Watch 3 it’s probably the best ‘budget’ Apple Watch deal we’ll see this year.

Apple Watch SE

(Image credit: Future)


I’m about to head into a meeting where I should be dressing a bit smarter, so I’ll go and get changed because I invested in a webcam a few months ago and now everything is in startling quality.

However, I went for the Logitech C920, which has been superseded by the C922. I was fine with that, partly because I didn’t need the extra resolution and camera quality, but mostly because it was so much more expensive.

Well, now I’m annoyed because the C922 has been reduced down to $73.99, where it’s been hovering around the $90 mark for a while.

With smoother streaming and no 4K onboard to hike up the price… this is probably one of the key webcams to buy this Black Friday.

Logitech C922

Look at this guy, streaming away. Thinking he’s the big dog. If he was smart, he’d have placed the camera above his screen. (Image credit: Logitech)


OK, I’m not going to be allowed to leave it on that note. 

Instead, why not enjoy some of our heavily-curated Black Friday Apple deals? Maybe you’ll find a nice iPod or something in there.



Right, that’s enough from me for one evening. I’ll be back with more of the best deals / the ones I see when I’m procrastinating through Amazon tomorrow.

For now, enjoy this image I found when searching our image library for ‘sleep’. Is he testing the mattress… or does he really miss it and wishes that they hadn’t broken up, and maybe they should just try one more night, honestly it won’t get weird.

A man in a blue shirt goes mattress shopping

(Image credit: Getty)


Right, the final deal before we sign off until tomorrow: this Keurig K-mini coffee maker is down to $49.99, which is the lowest price it’s ever been.

Here’s why you should trust this deal:

1. It’s under $50 and Keurig is a great brand. 2. Mack told me to do it.

Here’s why you shouldn’t trust this deal:

1. I hate coffee. 

Your choice.

The Keurig K Mini Coffee Maker in grey brewing coffee into a yellow mug on the cup stand on a yellow background

(Image credit: TechRadar)


I’ve just realized the Beckham pillows I linked to in the intro above are not endorsed or made by David Beckham, just a nice pillow maker.

I won’t be changing the entry though. My sister did meet David Beckham and he did smell nice. Think about that when sleeping on the old, lumpy pillows you should be replacing with these heavily-reduced fluffy (non-David) Beckham ones.


The first is to the range of Instant Pot models that are discounted right now. Fair warning – the Instant Pot with Air Fryer lid does not make amazing fries.

However, if you want some delicious home-cooked stew, then the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 is a snip at $79.99 – I’ve got the 8-in-1, and while I don’t use it as much as I should, it gets a darn sight more action that my George Foreman.

And if you do want good fries, we rate the heavily-discounted Instant Vortex air fryer pretty highly – so that’s where you can get your chipped potatoes tasting all crunchy and nice.

The Instant Pot Pro Crisp next to a pot of slow cooked chilli which it wa sused to prepare

You’re hungry now, right? Although, actually, chilli doesn’t look as appetizing in a metal pot. (Image credit: TechRadar)


Right, before I sign off for the evening, my Deals Editor Mackenzie Frazier has just scolded me for not writing about the bigger deals of the day. I shall rectify that now to avoid her glare.


Oh, and the other pet thing I want to buy: the PetSafe ScoopFree Original Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, down to just $149.95 (although I forgot I was supposed to be finding deals, and was just into this idea).

I had a cat until quite recently, and I would have loved this to take the stress out of my life. It automatically rakes all the poo into a special container and leaves the rest looking all clean and lovely.

Cat in a purple litter box

(Image credit: PetSafe)

And, thankfully, there’s a sensor in there to make sure you don’t accidentally rake your cat up with it. Although, my cat used to wait until I was doing a meeting over Zoom and then do the most almighty effort in the litter tray… it was so overpowering I think this machine would have just stopped working.

I do miss her.

If you want proof that I like automated cat litter trays, check out this video I did eight years ago. I so nearly bought one.


Time to check the ol’ email again. What’s top now?


There you go.


Two things I’m now enamored with – here’s the first, and it’s going to see me buying a load of fish just so I can not bother looking after them.

This is not a speed gun – it’s an automatic fish feeder, and it’s down to $23.99. 

A fish feeder in black and green on white background

(Image credit: Zacro)

Imagine buying some fish and then not even bothering to tend to them – just get this thing that will do it for you.

I’m already feeling guilty about wanting it – more so when I see the kind of description it has:

“Intelligent design: You can set up to 4 feedings a day, feeding 1-3 times each time. At the same time, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.”

You can also experience the fun of feeding by just feeding your fish. 

I think I’d also need a webcam set up to make sure it’s still functioning and they’re not all dead.


Despite the fatigue, I’ve found myself in the pet section of Amazon’s Early Black Friday sales. Or maybe because of the fatigue.


OK, remember how I made it seem like I was all jazzed up for bringing you loads of good deals?

I’m starting to regret that promise. I’m tired, I’ve got a 3-month-old and I’ll be going far more down the ‘rapid-fire’ route as it’s simpler and I’ve got a million people asking me things.

So here you go:

1. The Jabra Elite Active 75t are an absolute steal at $99 – they’re among the very best true wireless earbuds, and bring additional IP rating against your hard-won sweat, with our review loving the package. Plus seven hours of battery life. Yeah, you do.

2. I spent a long time last year worrying about whether to buy a 65-inch OLED TV – the CX fell to £1499… but did I buy it? This year, the (better) LG C1 OLED is $1796 at Amazon… could that fall even further? It’s hard to believe.

3. These are brilliant true wireless earbuds from Sony. They’re not cheap, even with discount, at $248, and 11% off isn’t mega, but if you’ve got the cash they’re literally the best out there and have loads of battery life.

Sony WF 1000MX4

This man is wearing Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones. He’s having a great time. (Image credit: Sony)


Right, this is the first post. Got to set the tone. Got to find a great deal to convince you, the loyal and intrepid deals reader, that this live blog is one to read and be excited about. Man, that’s a lot of pressure. I hope I can manage it.

Orrr…. I could procrastinate and look in my inbox and see if there are any important emails to reply to.

Taking the very first one I see, here’s the opening line: “I wondered if you might be interested in an announcement this morning from leading lithium-sulphur battery developer Li-S Energy?”

Even I can’t spin that into a way to distract myself. Probably should bring you the first deal.